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Beautiful White Peony Bouquet – Just Like a Celebrity Wedding

By August 3, 2016 No Comments

I don’t usually comment on celebrity weddings. Every couple whose wedding I decorate are celebrities to me so I do not see the need, but I decided to make an exception and write about the wedding this past weekend of Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec.

For the many readers who may not have any idea who these two people are, they were dance partners on a recent season of Dancing With The Stars who eventually ended up getting together and married. I’m actually a bit of a closet fan, which I guess isn’t a secret anymore.

There are many things about a celebrity wedding that most brides would not care for at their own special day. The very concept of a celebrity wedding pushes it out of the intimate embrace of family and friends and drops it into the public arena where every  detail can be pored over and scrutinized.  There is a sense that the wedding of  celebrities belongs less to the happy couple and more to their fans, followers and the publishers who pay for the photographs of the event.

That said, there was one detail of this particlar wedding that really caught my eye and that was Kym’s lovely white peony bouquet.   When I saw it I thought “This is a bouquet that any bride would love to carry” and in fact, I have created equally beautiful bouquets for Floret brides in the past like the one in the picture above.

Kym’s celebrity wedding bouquet was truly simple, lovely and timeless. Just the blooms. Each one perfect and fully open and finished with a simple white satin ribbon.

It’s a bouquet design that I, and I’m certain many of my fellow floral designers, create many times over during peony season. SHould you be planning a late  spring, early  summer wedding, it is a design that can form the basis of your bridal bouquet too, with of course, those personal touches that will make it truly yours  – and yours alone. Not even a celebrity will have one just like it.