Classic Casa Loma Wedding

White flowers. Gold accents. One of the Toronto’s most romantic venues. Casa Loma. A floral wall. And a room full of candlelight makes for a beautiful Casa Loma Wedding.

Casa Loma Wedding Centerpieces

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place in the most magical of churches. You wouldn’t believe me unless you saw it with your own eyes. It was A tiny chapel way up on a hill way in Milton and the only way to get up there was a long flight of stairs! It was one room and no chairs. I couldn’t even get a picture because the guests were already inside and it was all I could do just to get ever set up and the candles lit before the ceremony begun.

Casa Loma Wedding Bouquet

The Wedding Reception

From there the reception moved the downtown Toronto at Casa Loma in the glass pavilion. It’s a fully enclosed glass house that equals that loveliness of the inside. The best seats in the house (from the head table) offered a stunning view the castle. I almost felt that in that moment that this was actually better than actually being inside the castle!

A Casa Loma Wedding is so popular because it’s easy to say that the venue itself is so beautiful that it doesn’t need as much, but this client decided for understated fullness. Elevated centerpieces with full floral arrangements created with hydrangea and roses and as many candles as the table could hold. Each arrangement contains leaves that are individually painted in gold to bring a light and special touch that is subtly everywhere. The room was beautifully a glow once the sun had set.

The head table was full of low arrangements that were placed along with candles. And then there was a beautiful tonal floral wall to enhance the head table. It was threatening rain all day, but instead of came down so lightly to add a beautiful soft glow to this Casa Loma Wedding.

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Casa Loma Wedding Flowers