What is Floret?

Simply put, Floret is a studio that is dedicated to transforming spaces of weddings and events with the beauty of flowers and decorations in the Toronto Area.

Since 2001, we continue to be passionately  invested in bringing to life the vision of our amazing couples for their wedding day.


Jenny Hong is the principal designer and founder of Floret

An intuitive creative who believes that her purpose is to make love visible with flowers, her creativity is fed and flows from the extraordinary love that brings two people together.

From the time that she was a child her greatest pleasure was in creating and sharing something from her heart through her hands. Back then, her creations were made for the people she loved most, and now these same hands and intention create flowers to tell the singular story inspired by the love of two people.

Unlike other artists, Jenny’s creations have never been purely about her own self expression. She is inspired by love and for her, without this story, there are no flowers. It is always in service of the clients with whom her soulful approach resonates and to whom she feels connected.

For couples who have created something extraordinary with each other, she brings to life the story of their love, reflecting this beauty with designs and floral selections chosen with exquisite care and loving attention.