The Importance of the Perfect Bridal Bouquet


pink_peach_bridal_bouquetEvery bride dreams of the perfect bridal bouquet. On the her big day, it is the most important flower arrangement because it is the one she will carry and hold closest to her heart.

The perfect wedding bouquet will reflect the bride’s personality and match the wedding dress. Every Floret bridal bouquet is one of a kind, encapsulating all the bride has told me about herself and her groom and what they want from their special day.

When I see the brides’ happy faces as they walk down the aisle carrying their flowers, I am proud of the part my bridal bouquet has played in their happiness.

How Bridal Bouquets Compliment the Bride

There are so many ways that the perfect bridal bouquet can compliment the bride.

First, the dress should always be taken into consideration. The material or materials, the colours, and the style all give pointers to the optimal selections for flowers, style and size.

For example, my bride Megan wore a traditional full skirted princess bridal ballgown, so for her the perfect bridal bouquet had to be in proportion to the dress. Secondly, the skirting was a light and airy tulle, so a little bit of texture was considered for the flowers. She was a classic bride so a bouquet with a cleaner styling was the best choice and a bouquet with rose framing was the flower of choice.

yellow bridal bouquet Ultimately, it’s the personal elements that really gives the bridal bouquet it’s uniqueness.

Over the years, I have found a way to incorporate everything from heirloom rosaries to small frames or lockets that contained pictures of loved ones into the bouquet. Sometimes these precious items can be seen on the top of the bouquet and sometimes they are tucked away so only the bride knows they are there.  It’s really what makes it special.

Bridal Bouquet Tips

  1. The first step in having the perfect bridal bouquet is to secure the wedding dress. It comes first. And then the bridal bouquet can be designed to complement it. Perfectly.
  2. The next step is to collecting images of styles of bouquet you love. Think about it from various angles such as your preference for colour, size and flowers. Bring a selection of 3-5 images for your wedding florist. It’s rare to find “the” picture so having a few to show will allow an experienced and inspired designer to create something just for you.
  3. There are several posts on Floret’s blog that talk specifically about the bride’s bouquet. Browse through them for ideas and inspiration.

Bridal Bouquet Posts and Pictures

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