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A Bridal Bouquet For Every Bride

By October 8, 2014 No Comments

Fuschia bridal bouquetEvery bride is unique. Her personal journey and her dreams and wishes for her future with her new husband are as unique as her fingerprints.

To me, the bridal bouquet represents all the love and hopes that brought this couple together and it is an opportunity for the bride to express her most private dreams in a symbolic way.

Often the bridal bouquet will include a personal memento from the bride. It might be a pair of her deceased father’s favorite cuff-links – her way of having him with her on her special day, or perhaps a small toy car or similar which commemorates how the lucky couple met.

These little items may or may not be visible. Sometimes the bride wishes them to be her own private lucky charm and in that case, they are tucked inside and only she is aware of them at all.

The choice of flower, color and display of the bridal bouquet is equally personal. There is no right or wrong bouquet stye under any circumstances. Only what feels right to the bride.  As every bride is different, so too is every bridal bouquet from Floret.

While the floral tabletop decorations or wall panels that we do may be more showy, a perfect bridal bouquet is to me, the jewel in the crown of every wedding flower package.

That is why no two Floret bridal bouquets are alike, Ever.