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“Do You Need A Picture?”

By March 16, 2016 No Comments

Recently I was asked “Do you need a picture to create something?”

I thought the question was so interesting because it made so clear a distinction that isn’t made very often and that is the difference between a designer and a florist.

A designer does not need a picture. A florist may.

One is seen as a creator. The other is viewed as a technician.

The former can create just by sitting with you and asking you a few questions. The latter may show you a catalog that comes with a recipe.

One will offer you the experience of having something created for you with you as the inspiration and the other will attempt to replicate literally and place the responsibility on you to know what you want and if what you want makes sense.

Truth is that is not black and white. Designs at their best are inspired by what makes their client most happy. At it’s best it should always represent a collaboration.