Decor for Your Wedding Day (Wedding Decor Toronto, Wedding Decor Mississauga)


What is wedding decor?

For a wedding in Toronto, while flowers can be considered as part of the decor, decor is everything other than the flowers. Even wedding decor in Mississauga, it is the base on which the fresh elements are considered. They are the hard goods. The linens which consists of the linens, napkins, overlays. They are the chairs, the chair covers. They can also be candles and containers and the like.

It’s like setting the stage before the actors arrive in which the case of a wedding would be the guests and also as an exception the focal decor such as the flowers in the way of centerpieces. It creates and overall feeling for the room. A room with white linens will always look and feel differently from a room whose tables are covered with black linens.

They are also the larger structures that can be present such as chuppahs or mandaps for the ceremony and backdrops for the reception. They can also be part of focal areas such as photoboths.

However, sometimes they serve more function purposes such as room dividers to make large rooms smaller or divide spaces for religious considerations. They can cover walls or become wall. The fabric that they’re made of can be anthing from sheers to velours in every colour imaginable.

How much does decor in Toronto cost?

They are typically rented. The cost will depend on a variety of factors. The item in question and the quality, size or design associated with it. It will also naturally depend on the vendor you consider. As with all things, there are the budget consideration and the high end luxury possibilities. The range in cost from a basic provider to a high end provider can be quite substantial.

How important is it?

All wedding decor items should be considered in order of priority and the budgets should be reflective of that. For instance, backdrop behind head table become mandatory when the wall in behind is either not in good condition or not in keeping with the look of the wedding. Chairs that are also not in keeping with decor can be covered, but sometimes dpending on the amount of working budget available they can be rented to a different style and colour entirely.

It with all things are a matter of preference. What’s important to one client, may not be an issue to another. So it’s always on a wedding by wedding basis.

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