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At Floret, our wedding flowers for Markham wedding is all about our clients! Our studio first opened its door in 2001 and since that day our mission has been to bring the inspiration of our wedding flower clients to life. Creating beautiful weddings has been our first love it still the only thing we do today.

Ours is a studio that offers beautiful wedding flowers in Markham for weddings that take place in Markham. Whether it’s wedding flowers that you are needing for 20 guests or 1000, we’re able to create the perfect flowers for your day. Our focus is to create wedding flowers for Markham weddings that are customized and classic. The purpose of our wedding flowers is to add to the beauty and joy that is already in the day.

Floret is a wedding florist in Markham who has serviced all of the major venues in Markham. From banquet halls to golf courses and hotels, we are experienced with best ways to enhance each of these venues to best suit the vision that you have for your wedding day.

Here are some venues that we’ve decorated with our wedding flowers in Markham. Angus Glen Golf Club, Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall, Markham Hilton Hotel. We are familiar with all the varying spaces that each of these venues offers. Each space for wedding offers unique options. For instance, the Victoria Room at Angus Glen is one of my favourite spaces for a small wedding. A room full of windows it’s truly a hidden gem. For the ultimate 5 star hotel wedding, the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites is a favourite among my clients for the classic hotel wedding with the ballroom, conference centre and small meeting areas, I’ve brought wedding flowers to all of these space. Finally, the ultimate classic banquet hall style at Crystal Fountain is also a beautiful option for weddings between 100-500 guests. Newly refreshed it’s one of my favourite venues and just down the street from the studio.

Wedding Flowers in Markham

Wedding flowers for Markham nuptials are sourced from all over the world. From simple flowers to exotic ones from tropical destinations we are able to bring in the perfect flowers to suit the vision that you have for your wedding day. Seasonal offering range from tulips in the spring in every colour, to peonies (every bride’s dream flower) in the summer, to dahlias (the ultimate choice for a rustic wedding) in the fall and winter offerings in December and January which offers winter white options or the complete reverse in bright, warm right colours.

As a wedding florist in Markham, the designs that we’re able to create range from bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids, to the boutonnieres and corsages for other members of the family and wedding party. These are all considered with the client’s tastes and preferences in mind. It’s is the starting point for all of our work. We have found that we’ve never needed to go further than the dreams of our clients.
As a wedding florist our aim is to learn what’s most important to our clients and once we feel that we’ve understood, we being the process of choosing the best options for our brides and grooms. For every client their priorities are always different. For one bride, her bouquet may be the single most important thing and for another the centerpieces and how the guests will receive the room may be the most important thing.

The design ceremony arrangements are considered based upon the location (ie. Is it a church or an outdoor setting?) and the preferences of the client (ie. Do they want an arbour or arrangements? And if an arbour, do they want it covered in flowers or fabric?). The weather and alternative options for setting in case of rain are also considered to make sure that all bases are covered. Also repurposing is always considered.

As a wedding florist in Markham, the reception is probably one of the most important aspects of decorating as it’s the area that the guests will spend the most amount of time. The wedding flower centerpieces are usually one of the most heavily focussed upon areas. Some of many questions that are covered are the type of centerpieces (ie. Will it be high or low or perhaps a combination? Does the client like candles or would they prefer LED?

All of these are considered along with the bride and groom’s favourite colours and flowers for the wedding if there are any. Pink and cream still tend to be all time favourite for wedding flowers in Markham. Trends tend to come and go, but our wedding flower clients lean towards what is classic and eternal. While roses are still mainly a request that made to us as a wedding florist in Markham, social media has opened the gates of all the possibilities that clients are now aware of and as such, the selection of range of wedding flowers and materials that we are to source is numerous.

While our baseline is always timeless look our clients are always the inspiration for our work. Rustic, vintage, classic glamourous. All of these themes are created and considered under the umbrella of timelessness.

Rustic may be branches and wildflowers, vintage might be former with hint of gold or bling. Classic weddings are almost always white, cream with a bit of green and glamourous weddings can be found in a whole range of colour from reds to purples. Whatever it may be it’s always statement making.

Our clients come inspired from many sources. Whether it be social media, such as Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook or a good old fashioned magazine or google images online. Gathering what inspires you is a great first steps. Whatever a bride and groom’s preferences may be at Floret we work to bring their vision to life!

It all begins with a conversation, so call today for a consultation at 905.604.8620 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!