What are Wedding Decorations?

While wedding flowers can be considered as part of the decor, wedding decoration actually refers to everything other than the flowers. It is the base on which the fresh elements are considered. The linens, napkins and overlays, the chairs, chair covers, candles, containers and the like.

Wedding decoration sets the stage upon which the main actors – the happy couple, the guests and yes, even the floral centerpieces and table dressing, can be seen in the most beautiful and fitting setting.  It creates and overall feeling for the room. A room with white linens will always look and feel differently from a room whose tables are covered with black linens.


white wedding decoration

They are also the larger structures that can be present such as chuppahs or mandaps for the ceremony and backdrops for the reception. They can also be part of focal areas such as photobooths.

Items that can be considered as part of the wedding decorations can be as simple as a candle votive to as grandiose as a large display at the entrance to your wedding reception. They should be as unique as the couple who are celebrating their wedding. They are focal reminders of the things you want your guests to remember and distractions from the things that you don’t want them to see.

Typical Wedding Decoration Items

  • Lighting
  • Candles (votives or stems)
  • Room lighting (natural or LED)
  • Backdrop (simple or 3D)
  • Chuppahs/mandaps
  • Props
    • Pillars (modern or classic)
    • Aisle decorations
  • Linens (basic or luxury)
    • Tablecloths
    • Napkins
    • Overlays
  • Charger plates (modern or traditional)
  • Napkin ring
  • Table numbers
  • Chairs
  • Chair covers

The list above is of course, not exhaustive. In the end, the wedding decorator will seek to create the setting that meets the wishes of the couple and will creatively source whatever materials are needed to do so.

How do know how much decorations I need?

Have a look at your venue and it will give the first set of clues. Some venues are already decorated, meaning the walls are detailed, there are candeliers. The basic bones of the space won’t require additional coverage.

Are wedding decorations necessary?

No. but then again there really isn’t much that is. It’s always up to you what’s important. For some clients, they cannot imagine their wedding without chargers and others don’t even know what they are. When considering what you want, look at it from the point of view of what item will have the greatest impact and for every client the answer is always different.

What is the price of decorations in Toronto?

You will always get what you paid for. There is no exception. They will vary from vendor and the quality will also play a larger factor. For instance, linens can range from $10 – $40. The difference is vendor and quality of the linen. Polyester to taffeta, the range will always vary with the quality. Depending on the vendor, you may be able to get a sense of the cost per items, but typically the package will come custom created based on your needs.

If you had to choose one wedding decoration over everything else, what would it be?

It would be candles without a doubt. The walls and the carpets of a venue, maybe not unideal, but once the lights are dimmed and a room full of candles are strategically place, you will transform your room. They come in the most amazing selection of colours and shapes not to mention the enless possibilities for containers.